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Monday, 20 June 2016

Good news! Etisalat Will Renew Their 4GB This Month Of June

Etisalat released 4GB for free last two months and it was then renewed automatically for free again last month but now the blazers are now waiting for this huge data again. Their questions goes this way meanwhile, the questions are related to what I habe been receiving through emails, social networks and many other blazer communicative platforms. The questions are:

  • Will Etisalat renew their 4GB for this month of June? 
  • Will they double their plan if they have to give out for free?
  • When will they give this 4GB again?
  •  Is it for free?
  • Will they deduct money after it has been given again?

All these questions have an answer and I will answer all now so the answers also goes like this below:

1. Yes! Etisalat will renew their 4GB for this month of June again and when is out, I will alert all blazers if only you are an active member here.

2. No they won't double your 4GB, it will still be same.

3. They will give the 4GB for this month, next months but for the remaining months, I don't know.

4. Yes is for free and is only for people who dialled *8186# in the last two months. I mean only people who did it before will enjoy it now.

5. No they won't deduct any money, is still free.

Do you have more questions to ask? Kindly drop it here below and I will reply you immediately.


  1. Chai, I missed, wish I had an Etisalat sim.

    1. Yea it works for those who have done it before so Etisalat do Renew the data every month

  2. I haven't done it...will it work

    1. No it won't work. Is meant for people that has done it before.


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