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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Full Subscriptions, Plans, Introduction, About Blackberry Visafone Smartphones

Introducing BlackBerry® Plans from Visafone

Visafone is introducing new Blackberry® plans Vis: BlackBerry® Absolute and BlackBerry® Complete as part of its bouquet of innovative Value Added Services specially designed for customers who desire flexibility in their BlackBerry® usage. You can now stay in touch with your friends and family via many BlackBerry® Applications and still stay in control of your expenses. You can choose from two (3) different plans e.g. monthly, weekly or daily plan.

BlackBerry® Absolute Plans

The new BlackBerry® Absolute Plan from Visafone offers you superfast access to the following:

10 Web-based Email Accounts
BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM)
On-device Browser
BlackBerry® App World
Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and more)
Instant Messaging (Yahoo Messenger, Google Chat, MSN Messenger & more)
BlackBerry® Email (
BlackBerry® Protect
BlackBerry® Enterprise Service Express

There are many questions you will want to ask about these phones called blackberry Visafone phones and their subscription plans with their validity periods and many others. But firstly, you have to know the pictures and specifications of the phone I will be writing about.

Specifications of the BlackBerry Visafone smartphones

BlackBerry® Curve™ 9370 smartphone

World phone (CDMA/GSM)
Wi-Fi enabled -for data access in Wireless hotspots
Bluetooth® enabled
Mobile hotspot capability
Video Camera Capabilities
1GB storage, 512 MB RAM
5MP camera with flash microSD, up to 32GB
Multimedia Player
Long battery life - talk time up to 5.5 hours (CDMA)/ 5 hours (GSM)
BlackBerry OS 7.0
GPS, with A-GPS support
Video playback: up to 9 hours
Near Field Communication (NFC)

BlackBerry® Bold™ 9930 smartphone

World phone (CDMA/GSM)
Wi-Fi enabled
Modem Capability - enabling the use of the device as an internet modem
Capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
3G/HSDPA speed mobile internet
Mobile streaming - enabling online video viewing and music streaming
GPS Capabilities
5MP Camera & Video Recording
Geo-tagging, image stabilization
Microsoft office - enabling on-the-go office functionality
Talk time - Up to 5h 50min
BlackBerry OS 7.1
Near Field Communication (NFC)

BlackBerry® Curve™ 9310 smartphone

Local FM radio reception
Tethered modem
Wi-Fi enabled
GPS enabled (with pre-loaded BlackBerry® Maps)
512MB memory
2.0 MP camera
Video recording
On-device Browser
Media player
Talk time: up to 8 hours
Email, Push Email, IM
BlackBerry OS 7.1
Bluetooth headset capable

What is blackberry from Visafone?

 This is a BlackBerry solution to new and existing subscribers of Visafone. It is a mobile office, a great way to stay in control of life and get things done on the move.

Some specifications you have to know about Visafone 

BlackBerry from Visafone does: Which means you can:
BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) Chat/send data via BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) to any other Blackberry user globally.

Internet browsing Browse the internet at supersonic speed
Email Receive/send e-mails using up to 10 email accounts (gmail, yahoo mail, hotmail, etc).

Instant messaging Chat using the most popular Instant Messaging communities (Googletalk, WhatsApp messenger, yahoo etc).

Applications (business & personal) Download/review attachments in multiple formats: MS Word/Excel/PowerPoint, pdf, HTML, Images, Zip etc.

Social Networking Use super apps like facebook, Twitter, Linkedln which fully integrates with the push technology, calendar and messaging functions on your Blackberry smartphone.

Music / Video / Games Watch/listen to music, and play games.
Telephone, SMS / MMS Call, text or hold a teleconference.
Organizer Check the location of a meeting or social gathering.

What are the models of BlackBerry smartphones on Visafone network?

 BlackBerry Curve 9310, BlackBerry Curve 9370, BlackBerry Bold 9930.

What are the GSM equivalents of the BlackBerry smartphones from Visafone?

BlackBerry from Visafone - GSM Equivalent

BlackBerry Curve 9310 - BlackBerry Curve 9320
BlackBerry Curve 9370 - BlackBerry Curve 9360
BlackBerry Bold 9930 - BlackBerry Bold 9900

How much does the BlackBerry smartphones from Visafone cost?

BlackBerry Curve 9310 – N29,499
BlackBerry Curve 9370 – N39,499

Blackberry Bold 9930 – N79,000

What plans are available? What are the subscription rates of these plans? What is the validity and inclusive bundles? To subscribe to any of these plans, which short codes are available?

Plan - Validity - Activation Code - Inclusive Data Volume Bundled SMS
(on & off-net) - Price(N)

BlackBerry® Absolute Monthly SMS “BBAM” to 6000 Unlimited** 30 1,500
Weekly SMS “BBAW” to 6000 Unlimited** 15 525
Daily SMS “BBAD” to 6000 Unlimited** 5 100
BlackBerry® Complete Monthly SMS “BBCM” to 6000 Unlimited** 20 1,000
Weekly SMS “BBCW” to 6000 Unlimited** 10 350

Daily SMS “BBCD” to 6000 Unlimited** 3 65

What are the inclusive features of the BIS plans?

BlackBerry Plan Comparison

Plans - BlackBerry Absolute Plan  - BlackBerry Complete Plan
Blackberry Messenger (BBM) Yes Yes
On-devise Browser Yes Yes
Blackberry App world Yes Yes
Social Networking Yes Yes
Blackberry Email Yes Yes
Web-based Email Account 10 1
Instant Messaging Yes Yes
Blackberry Protect Yes No

Blackberry Enterprise Service Express Yes No

How will I know my BlackBerry service has been activated?

You will receive SMS notification that the service has been activated. The same notification also requests you to remove and re-insert you device battery to complete the activation. You will also see the Blackberry logo at the top right corner of the BlackBerry device screen.

How do I renew my subscription as a prepaid subscriber?

Renewal is automatic provided you have sufficient credit on your phone upon expiration of your plan. The network alerts you of service expiry 12 and 4 hours before due time.

What if I do not have sufficient credit upon expiry?

If you have less than the subscription fee, your account is suspended until you recharge to the required value and then re-subscribe.

Can I surf the internet with my BlackBerry Complete plans?

Yes, you can surf the internet with your BlackBerry Complete plans.

How many emails can I setup with my BlackBerry Absolute plan?

You can setup 10 web email addresses and one Blackberry email address.

How many emails can I setup with my BlackBerry Complete plan?

You can setup only 1 web email address aside from the blackberry email address.

 Can I subscribe to more than one plan at a time?

No, you can only subscribe to one plan at a time.

What happens if I do not use my data bundle before expiry date?

You will lose your data bundle if you do not use it before the expiry date.

How will I be billed after my BlackBerry plan expires?

You will be charged 5kobo/kb until the end of your current plan.

Can I subscribe to another Blackberry plan after the expiration of my current plan?

Yes you can.

How can I get express information about Visafone BlackBerry service?

 Quite easily! You can access Blackberry service information by following the below self-help instructions.

Text ‘HLP’ to 6000 for express information on how to activate the Blackberry services
Text'STATUS' to 6000 to check the usage status of your current subscription.
Text 'BIS' to 6000 on how to activate any of the BIS plans
Text ‘BISBUN’ to 6000 on how to activate a BIS Bundled plan

Text ‘BES’ to 6000 on how to activate any of the BES plans.

Where do I find my PIN and IMEI?

  1. Go to Option (this is the icon that is shaped like a Spanner) 
  2. Select Device 
  3. Choose Status Information
How do I add my email address?

  1. Go to Setup
  2. Click on E-mail Account
  3. Click Add New Email account
  4. Follow the direction by entering the account information.
In my next tutorial, I will teach you how to get 10terabyte using this wonderful Visafone phone and what do you have to say about their plans and ssubscriptions. Is it helpful or not?

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