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Saturday, 25 June 2016

Alert! Two Data Plans That Airtel Used To Scam Their Users

Airtel scammed their users with two Data plans which nobody knows about , Why should they program something in a way to deceive people or are they trying to say it's a mistake?

Yesterday Airtel released code to dial and get 11gb and 22gb respectively without differentiating the amount of data and the numerical list which resulted to total deceit. I completely thought it's 11gb instead of 1gb and i was praising them for providing affordable data plans. Imagine! See the screenshot below to see how decieving this information is to the public.

One blazer fans did the 11GB own and this is the screenshot below which he showed me.

That's was the conversation so I have deleted the article for people not to waste their money on airtel useless and scam data plan. Apart from that, they introduced 2g network data plans to codedly unsubscribe customers from the BB10 data plan on android. If you noticed, once you have used the 2g data plan, you won't be able to use airtel BIS on android anymore even after opting out.

Airtel is now changing to something else or what do you think?


  1. I've said it, the way Airtel want to make money this days is alarming. But realistically, how will you get 11 for N1,000? when it was released, I knew that it was "fishy"


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