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Monday, 9 May 2016

New Way To Get 10,000+ Free Credits Each Day Using Whatscall App On Android

Hello blazers! This ia another way to make unlimited calls with an application called WHATSCALL. With this application, you can make call to any number and once you sign up with them, you will be given 1,000 free credit to call all numbers in the whole world using their application. The voice quality is very cleared for calling, you can also start getting N100 Free credit everyday you daily check in. 

What is whatscall?

WhatsCall is a free Android app that allows us to make WhatsCall to WhatsCall free of charge. With the help of this app, you can make WhatsCall to WhatsCall calls to any WhatsCall user in the world for free without paying a kobo, Yes its confirmed.

Not only that, you can also make calls on WhatsCall to anyone who is not on WhatsCall but you will be charged as low as $0.01 per minute which is very cheap if you want to compare it with our local networks.

I’m not through yet, you can also earn yourself awoof credits when you complete some simple task to earn yourself call credits from WhatsCall and you can also earn $0.10 for any friend you invite to whatscall By doing the above task, you can earn yourself free WhatsCall call credits and you can use it to call anyone around the world both local and international calls i.e worldwide with just $0.01 per minute.

Features of whatscall 

1. Enjoy Calls that are Truly FREE!

 Sick of phone bills? Say goodbye to them by using WhatsCall now. Call home and abroad with no extra charges. There are more than 200,000 people using it! Every user can get 2,000+ free call credits each day, that’s 30+ mins free time of calling home!

2. Unlimited FREE Call Credits

We have plenty of different offers on WhatsCall, just complete these simple offers and earn call credits to call non-WhatsCall users for FREE! You can receive up to 30 mins calling time each day easily by clicking ads, watching videos and inviting friends.

3. WhatsCall to WhatsCall is Credit-Free 

Calling online WhatsCall user is CREDIT-FREE. Invite friends to use WhatsCall and enjoy high quality online calling with them for free using Wi-Fi. Besides, you can call any mobile/landline numbers in more than 230 countries with free calling credits.

4. Leave a Lively Video Message

Say goodbye to the traditional voice mail and indulge your friends with video messaging! If your friends are unable to answer your calls, you can leave a lively Video Message to let them watch what you have to say, and give a better picture on the importance of your message!!

5. High Quality Voice Calls

In conjunction with the world's leading companies, powered by advanced voice coding and decoding technology, WhatsCall takes pride in the innovation and optimization of IP-PSTN call quality, allowing our users to make high quality phone and video calls at low rates.

Some screenshots evidence to prove this are now below:

1st screenshot:
2nd screenshots:

How can I download this whatscall application?

Is available on playstore and this is the link for the downloads below.

Download Whatscall Now


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