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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

New Way To Add Labels Or Category To Blogger Post And Blogger Menu

Hello wapmasters, this tutorial is about how to add label/category on blogger blog post which is also called CATEGORY by some wapmasters and it is very easy for users navigating on your blog posts and also somehow good for SEO(search engine optimization).

Why do we add label/category on our blog?

Most bloggers do add label/category to their blog for easy navigation for their members and visitors. Doing this makes it easy for them to go straight to what they are looking for. Eg, you come to my blog and you are looking for how to's articles. All you have to do is to locate the categories section and choose how to's or your desire category. Let's get started with how to add label/category on blogger blog.

Step 1:

Log in to your blogger dashboard

Step 2:

GOTO "post"

Tick a post you want to add to the category/label, now click on the pencil icon beside revert to draft

Step 3:

Write the name u want the label/category to carry e.g like mine which is free Browsing, And click Ok

Step 4:

Now goto "layouts"

Step 5:

You will see cross-column with a blue add a gadget link below it. Click on the add a gadget link

From the options there look for "pages" and click on it

Step 6:

You will see add external link click on it

Step 7:

On the pop up that appears, you will see "page title" and web address.

Step 8:

Now input the same name you use for your label on the space provided for page title

Step 9:

On the second space provided for "web address (url)", insert name you used for your label. E.g like this: browsing

Step 10:

After doing that click on the orange save link button at the bottom right corner

Step 11:

Repeat this for any label you want to create.
Now refresh your blog and see.

To add more posts to your already created label, goto "posts".

Tick the posts you want to add, then tap on the pencil icon and select label you want to add them too.

Drop comments below for more solution!

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