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Sunday, 1 May 2016

New Settings For The Airtel Free Facebook Browsing Using Psiphon And Apn Now Active

Airtel 0.00k free browsing cheat Settings for Psiphon

Airtel now released free browsing using Facebook URL link so in my previous post shows how to browse with your Airtel line using Facebook. So you can start using it via APN or Psiphon which will be posted below and do not pass here by without commenting for more solution.

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Airtel Facebook Free Browsing Settings For Psiphon

Tick remove port
Proxy Type: Real Host
Proxy Server:
Real Proxy Type: Inject
Real Proxy Server:
Real Proxy Port: 3128

Now click Save
Tunnel whole device.

Got to options,
Select Region: Best Performance
Click on More Option

Tick connect through an HTTP Tick use the following settings Host Address:
Port: 3128

Go back and connect!

This is the APN settings for the Airtel Free browsing below:

port: 80

Download operamini handler select:

Real Host:

Note: use one settings out of the two settings I have drop so if you want to use Psiphon just use that and set your APN to default but if you want to use APN just do it and forget about Psiphon settings.

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  1. Is it unlimited nd is it for Facebook only?

    1. Yes is unlimited and is not only for facebook but for all apps on ur phone

  2. it not working with psiphon
    d settings aint ryt
    but thanks for d info n plz help us with d settings

  3. it not working with psiphon
    d settings aint ryt
    but thanks for d info n plz help us with d settings

    1. You mean the settings are not working?

      Is working just set ur phone to default and then connect your Psiphon.

      Yea I hope it blaze?

  4. Does this still work?
    The part for real proxy server is empty..would the settings still work like that?

  5. The s it will work because it does not require that


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