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Friday, 20 May 2016

New Lists Of The Best And Top Online Shopping Websites In Nigeria

Nigeria’s internet has experienced a huge boom in the last 4 years. Entrepreneurs have realised the huge potential in Nigeria’s internet , and they have capitalised on it in different ways ; one of which is online shopping.

Basically , Ecommerce involves the buying and selling of products on the internet. It is a 3 way thing ; You’re either a buyer , a seller , or a middle man.

  • A buyer is the visitor / person that buys from an Ecommerce website.
  • A seller is the person that offers a  product for sale.
  • The middle man is a company that links a buyer to a seller. Most ecommerce sites in Nigeria serves as both a middle man and a seller (i.e they build a big online ecommerce website , they sell  products and also give small business a space to sell on their big platform). If you’re a small business owner , onine shopping is a great way to take your business online , and you can start by creating your own portal or selling on any of the top online shopping sites in Nigeria.

List Of The Top And Best Online Shopping  Sites In Nigeria
In no particular order , here is a list of the top online shopping sites in Nigeria. These sites have invested millions of dollars in the industry and they have build a good reputation for themselves.

Konga was founded in 2012 by Simdul Shagaya , a highly influential figure in Nigeria’s tech scene. It is an Online Shopping website that offers a wide variety of products such as electronics , home appliances , fashion , and even automobiles. Till date ,  Konga has received over $35million from investors , and a lot of  the money was spent building their logistics and brand reputation. Visit Konga.

Jumia is an Online Shopping website that offers a wide range of products such as Mobile phones , Laptops , Accessories , Fashion Items , Beauty items , Kitchen Utensils and lots more. Jumia was founded in 2012 by  two Nigerians , Tunde Kehinde and  Raphael Afaedor. Later on , Rocket internet bought a huge stake in the company , making them the recognised owner of the business.  Visit Jumia

Yudala was founded in 2015 , and has emerged as an online and retail chain with the concrete ambition of becoming the market leader in trade and commerce on the continent. Just like Jumia & Konga , Yudala has a wide range of products such as mobile phones , laptops , and other home appliances. Visit Yudala.

Other Worth Mentioned :

You can also drop the shopping websites you know in the comment box let me add it in the list.

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