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Thursday, 26 May 2016

New HTML Code To Redirect Users Automatically From A Website To Another

Hello webmasters, I am currently dropping the tutorial of how to redirect users or a website to another website in s specific set time. This is not hard at all, you will only need to take the HTML code to your head tag <head></head> and immediately it will start to function without any error.

What type of website does it work for?

This code works for all websites like Blogger, Wapka, Mywapblog, Blog and many other website platforms you can think about that support HTML codes. It redirecting is not a lagging one.

What's the simple HTML code?

The code goes like this with explanation also and a text area to copy it away to your website.

<meta HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" content="0; url=Your URL"></meta>

With this code above you can now redirect your users from your website to another website and this is the set-up below.

content="0" means time to redirect hmmm I think you can set it to any time you like for the redirection.
url= is the website it will redirect to.

That's all and do not use this in a bad way! Drop your comments below if it really works for you or if you encounter any problems while inserting it.


  1. Thanks for this least, I can now redirect all my old traffic blog to my site.


    1. Yes is also good for that redirection.

  2. Thanks bro for an educative post


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