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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Blazerwap Android Application Now On Google Playstore - Download Now!

Hello blazers! application has finally been published on playstore and it has now been updated and redesigned in a new form and the speed is now faster than the old blazerwap application. So if you have the old application kindly remove it and install this new one from playstore which has all the fresh features needed.

Features  and screenshots of application

Navigation of application home screen

1. BLAZERWAP.COM: This is the main homepage of in which you will use in the app for in-app browser and is also fast and easy to use for surfing this website/blog (

2. LATEST UPDATES: This is the where you will start receiving latest updates from this website once it is posted and you will be able to comment also. The layout is TILE view so you can also change layout view.

3. LAST 24 HOURS: This is where the latest updates within 24hours will be saved and any post that last more than 24hours will be automatically deleted.

4. ALL UNREADS: This is where all your unread messages or post will be saved for future read.

5. ALL STARRED: This is where your STARRED posts or your saved post which you mark as a start will be saved for also future read.

6. DOWNLOADS: This is where all your downloads are saved like applications and others provided from

7. THEMES: You can choose the theme you like that is provided by blazerwap in the App. All themes are Dark, Red, Blue, Light and Green.

How can I download this application?

This application has been created and redesigned for your easy surfing. So you can download this application now below and make sure you comment via playstore and give it 5-rating stars also.

Download Our Android Application Now

Do not forget to share this application also to your friends to also benefit from it and if you have any questions or just anything to say about this wonderful application kindly drop it below in the comment box.

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