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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Whatsapp New Ultra-Light Wifi For Free Surfing Now Active

Whatsapp now release new awoof for whatsapp in which their users will enjoy free ultra wifi browsing for free. This feature depends on how you invite your friends and the maximum friends to invite 15 friends or more above.

See the signs to know if you are activated for the ultra wifi free browsing on Whatsapp:

1. Whatsapp color will turns into blue when the service is

2. Their service will be activated when they receive 15 friends

Your benefits when is activated

1. Multimedia: Enjoy the world the way your friends do with images,
videos, audio and locations that you can share via

2. Group chat: Choose a bar with your friends tonight or share
precious moments with your family. Group chats can
handle it all.

3. Awesome real time texting: Communication never felt so immediate with push
notifications, delivery receipts, and typing

See more screenshot:
So you will start inviting friends to join the Ultra-Light Wifi and start blazing with fire while surfing.

Now, you can do whatsapp without internet from today. Whatsapp launches Ultra-Light Wifi Feature to Enjoy Free 3G Internet wherever you go for whatsapp application,Click On Below Link to Activate Now

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