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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

What's The Most Important Thing To Consider In Purchasing A New Smartphone

Think you know what people look for in a new smartphone before or when buying them? Then think again.

So my question is what’s the most important thing you consider when buying a new smartphone? Is it the size? The hardware? The price? The hype? Or the camera? Well a new survey has revealed what people or smartphone buyers look at when making choice or purchasing a new iPhone or Android devices and the results are definitely interesting.

According to British startup OnePulse, about 1,100 men and women aged 16-65 were surveyed and found out the most important factors smartphone buyers consider. The top three include price, brand and battery life. The phone’s design is even ranked fourth, followed by things like storage space, camera, reviews and other accessory available.

This is not the first time, that surveys has place battery life and camera quality squarely at the top of the list, so this is not a surprise.

OnePulse also asked respondents whether they understand certain features that might be advertised when buying a phone. The majority of them know what storage (87%), screen size (81%) and camera (80%) characteristics mean. But only 60% of people understand display pixels, while 53% understand RAM. The processor scores lowest, with 39% of people saying they understand it.

Finally, when asked what company is coming up with the best phones right now, 32% said it’s Apple and of those, 60% are Apple users, while 7% are on Android. But guess which company scored higher: Samsung won the battle with 39% of the votes. Interestingly, 15% of people who said Samsung makes the best phone right now are currently iPhone owners, while 61% are Android users.

What's your opinion on this, and which features do you think is more or less important to consider when buying a new smartphone? For me it's the price and battery.

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