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Saturday, 16 April 2016

New Way To Add All Friends To Facebook Group Now Active

Hello blazers, today we are going to discuss about Facebook Group Auto Add friends. Have you ever created a Facebook group, well most of us have tried it, but the problem we face is that we can’t get many members to it.

So in this post I will be sharing the code to add all your Facebook Friends to any group either it may be your’s or it may not be. This code will simply add everyone without even their permission. On one hand, it may be irritating for others but on the other hand (that’s yours) it will be quite helpful.

There are many extensions of Chrome which offer the same, but we would not recommend those as most of them not just add friends to a group but also tries to spam your profile in one way or the other.

Note: Use Google Chrome Browser for it. Open the Facebook group where you want to add all your Facebook Friends. Note down the number of members in the group.

Press F12 Button to open up Developers Window.

Select Console Window.

Copy the code from here and paste it in a console window. Press Enter and wait for 10-20 Seconds. (If your friend list is long then it might take some 2-3 minutes).

Now All your Friends will be added to the Group. You may confirm it by noting down the total members of the group.

So was not it easy. Use this code whenever you want to add all friends on any group. This code will be updated regularly and is 100% safe.

Don’t misuse this code to spam others, Use it wisely. Share this trick with your friends and leave a comment below if you need any further help.

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