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Sunday, 24 April 2016

New MTN Free 1000mb Now Active

Hello blazers! This MTN free data is still blazing for the tweakers in the house. So gather all your mtn Sims and tweak these imeis or serial numbers below for free 1000mb also 1GB, so do not enjoy alone make sure you share with friends and neighbors with link and title. So the tutorial goes this way below.

These are the imeis you will tweak and Analyze.

1. 352262070709811
2. 352262070643846

So change the last 4 or 3digits at the ending of the imei by using analyzer then tweak it and put your phone on airplane mode then on it back.
After that wait for 2 or 5minutes then you will receive a message saying

"Congratulations message from MTN for receiving 1000mb to use on your device."

So do not forget to comment and share here below to encourage the writer thanks!


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