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Sunday, 20 March 2016

Wapka Online Staffs Code Now Active

Online staff code is to show users that the staff or admin of a website is online for more fast contact. So there are 3staffs in Wapka E.g LOCAl ADMIN, HEAD ADMiN, MODERATOR and USUAL USER which is not included because they don't have any authority over anything in the website.

How To Apply The Administrator Code To Wapka Website

<div align="center" class="blazerwap">Online Staffs</div><div align="center" class="blazerwap">:userstats:d=ol,l=10,o=n,wp=2 3 4,n=<div class="blazerwap" align="center">Sorry! :user: our admin are currently offline because they are working for your needs!</div>::<a href="%urlprofile%">%name%</a>:: :/userstats:</div>

This code have been edited by Precious Agbontan

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