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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Wapka New Notification Alert About Copyrighted Infringement

Wapka has just alert the Wapkans according to this message below which I will be posting below.

Dear wapmasters, recently, some wapmasters received
copyright complaints from one copyright agent.
Some wapmasters even took wrong measures because of
including some private information in the email.
At first,we declare that we do not collect your personal
information and never reveal your registration information.
Then how to deal with this matter?
- Removing your private information of your own domain in
Whois. You can buy WhoisGuard to protect your domain.
- Wapka has DMCA agreement. We strictly follow the rules to
remove related download link(not site page,download link
only) within 24 hours.
If there is no detailed download link in the email, you should
ask them to provide.
If still have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
Thanks very much for your support.

And see this below:

Dear wapmasters, we found that some wapmasters make use
of specific means to hide and cover Wapka ads,which
violates Wapka rules and will have bad adverse impact on
In future, in order to inhibit this behavior,we will strengthen
supervision.We hope you can follow the rules to ensure your
site normally accessed.
If you ignore the rules,we also have strict punishments. Once
found, we will block site for 7 days. If repeatedly breach the
rules, we will consider to block site permanently.
For any questions, feel free to contact us.
Thanks for your support.

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