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Monday, 28 March 2016

New Forum Topic Tagger To Homepage Code In Wapka

In this tutorial, I will be writing on how to tag a topic to homepage and by using a file list code to bring or show it out in the website homepage in which everybody will see just like homepage. Actually, that's my wapka website but I later on, I decided to move to blogger not that am down grading Wapka. Hmmm Wapka had so many features but I just feel like migrating for more better feature hosting website creating platform.

Well this code functionality varies on how you set the code for people to see it hmmm well let me list the possible function of the code am about to drop for Wapkans in that are blazing over here.

Well, it allows you to show the important topics for guest and users which mean you can filter topics out as an advertisement for the guest which I think will bring more visitors than expected. It need admin support which means without the main Wapka admin tagging it out, nobody else even the LOCAL ADMIN, MODERATOR and HEAD ADMIN won't be able to tag it out. So you need to login your Wapka to tag any topic out to the homepage after posting topics in the forum.

Let me start with the tutorial below and with this you will understand what it takes and how it works to tag a topic out in Wapka but note is so simple, just focus!

Fisrtlt, create a simple forum in your Wapka hmmm if you don't know how to create a simple forum let me teach you now kindly go to your admin panel by clicking EDIT SITE>>FORUM>>fill  the details, I mean the things you need and things you don't need in the forum and set it to SIMPLE FORUM then click GO after that click on the forum and scroll down you will see the forum ID below after scrolling down so write it down in paper or copy it in your phone clipboard.

Then next step is to go your forum bottom or if you don't have kindly create one by going to EDIT SITE>>NEW PAGE and create one then go to EDIT SITE>>AUTOCONTENT>>FORUM and put the forum AUTOCONTENT site ID in the bottom own. So you have successfully created a New site and simple forum make sure you know the site ID and the forum ID. In this tutorial, I will be using 2 as my site ID and 112644439 as my simple forum ID and I hope that's cleared.

So first go to your homepage in Wapka which is popularly known as site 0 but if you change your own, you can also go there so after jumping to site 0 just copy this code below in where you want people to see the latest topics you tagged out.

:forumlist:f=112644439,l=10,s=:get-site(1):,n=No post yet!:: <div class="" align="left"><b>»» %text% -%time%</b></div>:: :/forumlist: <div class="">:paging: n=:geti-site(1):, u=site_:getid-site:.xhtml?get-site=%n% :: <table width="100%"><td width="50%" align="left"><b>%prev%</b></td><td width="50%" align="right"><b>%next%</b></td></table>:/paging:</div>

Copy it here below:

l=10 means list of topics you want to show in a page, you can edit it to the list of topics you want to show.
f=112644439 means your simle forum ID in which you created so change it and put your id, I mean the one you created in above tutorial.
s=:get-site(1): means the paging tags E.g NEXT and PREV will get another page whenever a user click it, I advice do not change.
N= No post yet! Means that you have not tagged any topic so after tagging it will not display anymore. So do not change!
<div class=""> means the CSS is for and you are free to change it to your own CSS class name.

So after that go to your forum AUTOCONTENT and click on edit site then XHTML/HTML then dropp this code and set it to only ADMIN MODE because is only the admin that is expected to tag not the users. Hmmm even if you don't set it to admin mode when dropping the code the users cannot still Tag out so kindly set it in admin mode for user not to see the code anyhow around the site.

<div class="" align="center"><style>.nin{display: none;}</style>
<div class='nin'>:forum-112644439/smallform/0:</div><script type='text/javascript'>
dtoken=document.getElementsByName("d_token")[0].value; </script><form method="post" action="forum_add_112644439.php"><input type="hidden" name="meno" value=":user-tname:"/><script type="text/javascript"> var dhd = ':getid-url:'; var yur = dhd.split( "hash" )[1]; var yurliii = yur.split( "tema" )[1]; var yurlk = '/forum2_theme_:getid-forum:.xhtml?tema'+:getid-tema:yurliii;  var messag = ":getid-forum:"; var jeel = messag.split( "tema" )[0]; var s1 = document.getElementById('s1').innerHTML; document.write('<input type="text" name="text" value="[url='+yurlk+']'+s1+'[/url]"/>');</script>:admin-hash-input:<script type="text/javascript">dtoken=document.getElementsByName("d_token")[0].value; document.write('<input type="hid'+'den" name="d_token" value="'+dtoken+'"/'+'>');</script><input type="hidden" name="ret_s" value="0"/><input type="submit" name="submit" value="TAG TO HOMEPAGE"/></form></div>

Copy it below:

Change 112644439 to your simple forum ID and change the 0 in this code :forum-112644439/smallform/0: to the page you want it to redirect after clicking on TAG to homepage.

So I hope is helpful? If you don't understand drop comments below and tour Wapka problem will be solved. You can still request for any code and it will be posted here within 24hours.

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