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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Icon Inserting To Text And Time Function Tutorial In Wapka

This function is also important in Wapka and is almost use through out the Wapka arena and coding. So read and follow it.

Icon inserting to text:

To site,link or text you can insert icon from list on this site .
Numeric code is near every icon, which you must insert into

Example for use command with icon:

This is icon :icon-251:
Elective tag for icons in forum,chat,blogs and private

Syntax of tag:

:iconlist: PARAMETERS ::LINE_FORMAT :: DELIMITER :/iconlist:
Parameters have following format:
Parameter1=value, parameter2=value
Available parameters:
d - database. Available: forum, chat, pm, blogs
l - limit parameter. l parameter can have numberic value (1 -
50). It is maximal count of icons for one site.

s - site parameter. This parameter is useful, if you want to
separate list on more sites. For example if you want to display
list with first 10 icons set parameter l on 10 and parameter s
on 1, if you want to display next 10 icons (11-20) leave
parameter l on 10 and parameter s set on 2.

For Line format can be used following variables:
%text% - Icon replacement (string).
%icon% - Image of the icon
%url_icon% - URL of the icon (must be used with <img/>
xHTML code. Example: <img src="%url_icon%" />)

Line format can contains text,known values (%...%) or WML/
xHTML tags.

With Delimiter you can set text or WML/xHTML tags which will
separate icons.


:iconlist:d=forum,l=10::%icon% - %text%::<br/>:/iconlist:

Time functions

Time function:

To insert actual time or date you can use pair of commands:
:time-beg: a :time-end:
Displayed time you can format to any form from following
y ... year as two numbers (07)
Y ... year as four numbers (2007)
z ... number of day in year (001-365)
m ... number of month (01-12)
n ... number of month (without begin zero, 1-12)
M ... abbreviation of month name (Jul)
F ... month name (July)
d ... number of day in month (01-31)
j ... number of day in month (without begin zero, 1-31)
t ... number of days in month (28-31)
D ... abbreviation of day in week (Mon)
l ... day name (Monday)
h ... hour (01-12)
g ... hour (without begin zero, 1-12)
H ... hour (01-23)
G ... hour (without begin zero, 1-23)
a ... am/pm
A ... AM/PM
i ... minutes (00-59)
s ... seconds (00-59)
Example: :time-beg: H:i:s :time-end:
display: 09:22:17
Item example: Today is :time-beg: j.n.Y H:i:s :time-end: and it's

beautiful day.

Enjoy below.

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