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Sunday, 6 March 2016

How To Backup And Restore Contacts Before Rooting On Android Phones

Hello blazers! I will teach you how to Backup your contacts alone using an android phone.
Backing up your contacts is very essential because whenever you root your phone, there is a risk of losing all your data and information on your phone. Like the Contacts, SMS, MMS etc. So one must create a backup before rooting your phone.

How To Backup Contacts On Your Android Phone basically or essentially?

There is 1 method of doing this which are here below:

First method: Involves you to store them on the cloud via your google account and later restore them..The Second Method involves You To Store Them on your memory card. Today we'll be looking at How To Backup And Restore Contacts On Memory Card Because this method is very easy and does not require any
internet connection.

Here we go!

Firstly, Go Over To your phone contacts.

Next , Go To ''Options'' and choose the option “Import/Export”.

•Then select the option “Export to SD Card”.

•Your phone will automatically create a file on your SD card, which will possess all the contacts as a backup.

I hope you understand? Drop comments below!


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