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Thursday, 31 March 2016

Etisalat Social Me Now MTN BBLITED Alternative And Settings Still Active

Are you looking for a good alternative to MTN BBLITED? Then you have come to the right post. It's not a new thing that MTN BBLITED/BBMIDID is no longer working.

You must have heard of Social Me somewhere. Anyway, Etisalat Social Me is a plan established to meet the requirements of customers who engage in Social Media activities like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and so on.

After subscribing to the plan, you are given access to Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter. That is to say, if we type on our browser, it would open because we were given access to it after subscribing.

Etisalat Social Me Works on PC and Android For us to use it open any website of our choice, we need a tunneling app like Psiphon, Simple Server, FinchVpn and so on. No much story, lets go straight to the point.

How to Subscribe To Etisalat Social Me Plan?

You must first be on Etisalat easyclicq to activate Social Me Check if you are on easyclick by dialing *244*3# Migrate to easycliq by dialing *244*1# To subscribe for Etisalat Social Me Mohly plan, dial *343*6*11#. Note that it costs N500 but it's unlimited.

This plan can be for surfing and a little downloading depending on your network coverage.

How To Configure Etisalat Social Me On PC


L H O S T = ' 1 2 7 . 0 . 0 . 1 '
I M E T H O D = 0
I S P L I T = 0
R H T T P = 0
T I M E O U T = 6 0
P H O S T = ' 1 5 8 . 6 9 . 2 1 8 . 7 2 '
R Q U E R Y = ' '
R P A T H = 0
P T Y P E = 0
K E E P = ' '
B Q U E R Y = ' '
M Q U E R Y = ' '
R H T T P S = 1
P P O R T = 8 0 8 0
L P O R T = 8 0 8 0
V A L H D R 0 = ' c d n . w h a t s a p p . n
V A L H D R 1 = ' '
V A L H D R 2 = ' '
V A L H D R 3 = ' '
I Q U E R Y = ' c d n . w h a t s a p p . n e
A D M O D E = 0
C Q U E R Y = ' '
C U S H D R 2 = ' '
C U S H D R 3 = ' '
C U S H D R 0 = ' H o s t '
C U S H D R 1 = ' '
I L I N E = 0
F Q U E R Y = ' '
S B U F F = 1 0 2 4
R P O R T = 0

Set your Browser to Manual Proxy and Input:

Port: 8080

Connect your modem and surf without restrictions.

How to Configure Etisalat Social Me on Android:

Create a new APN like this:

APN Name: Blazerwap
APN: etisalat
Port: 8080

Save the APN and Activate it to Default.

You need Psiphon Handler, Download it

Install and Open then follow my settings below:

Tick Remove Port
Proxy Type: Real Host
Proxy Host:
Real Proxy type: Default
Real Proxy Server:
Real Proxy Port: 8080
Save and Go to More Options
Tick Connect through an HTTP Proxy
Tick "Use the following Settings"
Host Address:
Port: 8080

Save, Switch on your Data and connect. Then start Surfing. Drop your comments if you have any difficulties.

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