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Monday, 28 March 2016

Complete UC browser And Opera Secret Codes/Shortcut Code

Hey blazers! i am sharing some secret codes for UC Browser and Opera Mini. Just enter this codes in Address-bar. And all this hidden features will start to display, just try and see then make sure you drop comments.


(1)»» t:slp:
It shows UC error page directly on screen.
(2)»» ext:lp:
It shows UC blank page directly on screen.
(3)»» t:acp:
Checks for updates
(4)»» ext:cf:
After this code enter text, your entered text will be
shown as Notice
(5)»» wtai://wp/mc;
After this code enter phone number a call will be
(6)»» tel:
After this code enter phone number a call will be
(7)»» jrefresh
Refreshes the current page.
(8)»» sms:
After this code enter phone number a sms window will
be opened with entered number
(9)»» tt/cp
It also checks for updates
(10)»» http://command/command=delck
Clears cookies

(11)»» smsto
also for sms
(12)»» sms://
also for sms
(13)»» ext:back
This will return back to the previous page.
(14)»» extstartpage
This will return to the UC Browser start page.
(15)»» ext:lp:lp_help
To go to the help page of the UC Browser.
(16)»» ext:bookmark
To bookmark the current page.
(17)»» ext:lp:lp_history
To go to the history.
(18)»» :extp:upload_favo
To upload local bookmarks to the UC server.
(19)»» mailto:
after this enter mail address of any person to send mail
(20)»» command/command=startpage
also To go to startpage
(21)»» command/command=mydisk
To go to mydisc.
(22)»» http://command/command=saveto?
link_url= address of file
To save a file to udisc
(23)»» command/command=email_acct
To go to the E_mail
(24)»» command/command=rss
To go to the UC Browser's RSS reader.
(25)»» command/command=sync_favo
To Sync Bookmarks.
(26)»» command/command=downloadFavo
To download bookmarks from server to the local.


(1):- server:source
Web developers will appreciate server:source which
displays the source code of the current page.
(2):- opera:cache
Not exactly editable but it lets you know how much
memory the cached content is chewing up in your
mobile phone.
(3):- about:
Most of us know that Opera Mini utilizes a proxy server
technology to compress web pages for faster and
better site loading.
(4):- debug:
It Displays a page listing many Opera mini server and
client properties.
(5):- TheHost:
field tells you which Opera Mini server you are
currently connected to. The known locations of servers
are US, Poland, Iceland, Norway, South Africa etc.
(6):- feed:list
Opera mini is known to load feeds in a very mobile
friendly format, using this secret code you will be able
to conveniently navigate to the Feeds page
(7):- opera:about
This secret code displays copyright and license
information for third party software used in the
browser. Its not so much important but if you are only
curious then there is no harm in simply trying it.
(8):- server:refresh
You may not want to use this code as there is an easier
way to reload the current browser page in opera mini,
yet still, just for you can test this code and see if it
refreshes the current page on your opera mini
(9):- o:,
(AlphabeticO then: then,) Opens the pageTo add a search
engine to the list of already present
Usage of this code opens a blank screen showing two
options i.e. Yes and No. Press Yes to search text in the
web page (TheFind in Page function).
(10):- [p]o:/
Opens the pageTo add a search engine
(11):- o:!
Opens the page ofTo clear cookies
(12):- o
Shows the pageFailed to connect to the
(13):- o:~
Shows blank screen with yes/no option.
(14):- o Big
Grin Opens the page toAdd a bookmark
(15):- o:h
Opens the page of About Opera
(16):- o:m
Opens the page ofSearch engines to manage (edit/
(17):- o:A
Goes to the start page (Opera Mini 4.n only)
(18):- o:Z
Goes to your bookmarks (Opera Mini 4.n only)
(19):- o:
Hangs Opera Mini, so do not try this one, at- least not on
your own cell phone.
(20):- o:B
View main menu in a full screen....
(21):- o:C
View the tool menu screen in a full screen....
(22):- o:I
Go to setting menu....
(23):- o:J
Go to help menu screen....
(24):- o
View the shortcut command list....
(25):- o:V
Go to history list screen....
(26):- o:X
Go to about opera page.... (menu, ~tool,
~help, ~about)
(27):- o:Y
Bookmark the current page...
(28):- o
Go to "failed to connect" screen...
(29):- opera:blank
View blank page
Synchronize your bookmarks to Op syncrhonization
(30):- myopera:login
Login to Op syncrhonization service
(31):- myopera:logout
Logout Op syncrhonization service.
(32):- myopera:signup
Signup to opera mini syncrhonization service...
(33):- myopera:term
View the term of service of opera mini syncrhonization
(34):- myopera:///b
Go tomore bookmarksection...
Go to note syncronization service...
(36):- myopera:///n/af
Create a new folder in note syncronization
(37):- myopera:///n/an
Create a new note in note syncronizationservice....
(38):- server:reset
A secret code of far more convenience. This clears all
cookies stored in your locale thus safeguards you from
being tracked by any analytics program.

How do you feel the code? I hope is helpful?

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